Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Quality of Mull’s Superlatives

Breathtaking, beautiful butterflies; dashing and dazzling dragonflies; fabled yet fabulous fungi; flourishing and fragrant flowers; heavenly and handsome hoverflies; lavish and lush lichens … the list is apparently endless, such is the quality of superlatives that readily attach themselves to the astonishing array of wildlife that resides on the Isle of Mull all year round.

This incredible and abundant biodiversity that exists on and around the Isle of Mull is world-renowned, as is vouched for by the millions of pounds that the island’s whales, dolphins, eagles and otters generate for the local economy each year. Quite simply, the island is unique in its appeal to wildlife and its attraction to those who enjoy the blessed forgetfulness that watching these birds and animals can bring.

We firmly believe that the West Highlands and Islands possess some of the most dramatic and spectacular land and seascapes anywhere in the British Isles. And, let’s face it, the Isle of Mull has more than its fair share of scintillating scenery that regularly leaves visitors drooling. We feel so lucky to live on an island that has picture perfect vistas at and around every corner, yet the fabulous Mull environment is something that we never, nor ever will, take for granted.

It is difficult to remain impartial when you live with Mother Nature as your next door neighbour, but there really is no place like home when your home is on the Isle of Mull. Every moment spent walking along deserted, sandy beaches; scrambling up to the top of some Iron Age fortification; scaling the heights of Mull’s lava-topped mountains; watching Sea Eagles pirating otters of their catch; re-living history on a visit to a ruined ‘Clearance’ community; having rare and unusual butterflies and moths alight on your finger (or camera lens) is life-affirming in every sense. It is a euphoria that sees only the tip of a very large iceberg.

The magic of Mull may aptly be described by an arresting assortment of superlatives. However, these are only words and this biodynamic island that we are proud to call our home is so special as to defy description!

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