Monday, 21 February 2011

The Colour of Cold (A Blog Without Words)

The German composer of the 19th Century, Felix Mendelssohn, toured Scotland in 1829, where suitably inspired by Fingal’s Cave during a visit to the Isle of Staffa he famously wrote his ‘Hebrides Overture’. Mendelssohn’s time on the island continues to be celebrated in the 21st Century with the annual ‘Mendelssohn on Mull’ music festival.

Around the time that Mendelssohn was in Scotland, he commenced work on his eight books of Lieder ohne Worte (Songs Without Words) for piano. Inspired by the colour of cold, engrained in the recent frosted Winter landscapes of the island, I thought to compose my very own ‘Blog Without Words’, hoping that these images of snow and frost would speak for themselves!

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