Monday, 5 April 2010

A Glowing Complexion, Mull Magic Style

Although Mull Magic walks all-year-round, the Easter holiday weekend traditionally heralds the start of the tourist season on the island. Typically, April on the Isle of Mull is a month when the weather has difficulty making its mind up. Being on the cusp of the seasons, April can often be more Winter than Spring, but the weather for our Easter Weekend walks threw a little bit of everything at us!

The landscapes and scenery of the Isle of Mull and its surrounding area are exhilarating and inspiring, as well as being breathtakingly beautiful. Mull Magic is, of course, naturally biased, but we believe that the seascapes around the island, are not only unsurpassed in Scotland, but among the finest in the Western World. Our island views are steeped in social and natural history, dating back some 60 million years. Cast your eyes over our pages on Facebook to see some of the stunning scenes we managed to capture this past weekend on our walks around the island.

The Isle of Mull is, ostensibly, an upland environment which, at times, can appear hostile and unforgiving. Whether human, plant, bird or animal, you have to be made of stern stuff to live out your days on the hills and moors of the island.

Sphagnum moss is a plant that ticks all the right boxes and a strong case could be argued for it being the most useful plant on the island. Its uses have been championed throughout the millennia for a wide range of medicinal and household purposes. The thatched heather or bracken roofs of early settlements may even have had an insulating layer of sphagnum, in order to mop up the, at times, excessive Mull rainfall. Soaked in antiseptic and antibiotic properties, sphagnum was, amongst other things, the Isle of Mull’s original toilet tissue and disposable nappy. A handy thing to know if you ever get caught short in the Mull countryside!

The island’s cool, maritime climate and clean, unpolluted air make for a wonderfully healthy environment in which to live. Add the special ingredient of marvellous Mull mud and it’s easy to see why local residents have the cleanest skin and most glowing complexions of anyone living in the British Isles. Mud is a commodity that the Isle of Mull possesses in abundance and plans are currently afoot to export some of our best squelchy stuff to the mainland, such is its new found popularity as a cosmetic!! Cleopatra used to bathe in black mud from the Dead Sea, so why not think about the benefits you could derive from a face pack of our magnificent Mingary mud?

Many health spa’s offer pricey treatments combining water, salt, wind, mud and weightlessness. Unfortunately, a walk with Mull Magic cannot offer you weightlessness – carrying your own backpack with our gourmet packed lunch is essential!

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